Wednesday, 12 February 2014

First steps...

by TOG (The Office Gal)

Hello one and all, and welcome to the Ready Steady Go Kids Singapore blog! Here you will find our thoughts (and some thoughts from guests and regular contributors) on what we enjoy doing... playing sports and learning very important things while doing it!

Firstly, let us share that this blog will carry a variety of voices (no, we are not schizophrenic)...

1. TOG - that's me, The Office Gal, and I will write about everything - our programme, where we are this weekend, what we are doing and how you can find us, etc, etc...

2. The Chief - also known as Boss, or Wee Lee. He's the main guy running this show.

3. Trainers - no, no, we are not talking about sneakers. Its the many energetic guys and gals we have going everywhere to run our programme. And what an awesome programme (I'm sure you will agree... right?)!

4. Contributors - we are also working with experts and writers to do the heavy lifting for us. They will be digging, researching and finding out more about the topics that are relevant to our programme, for example "Developing fundamental movement skills in young children". 

And there you have it... our wonderful team who will be blogging and telling you more about Ready Steady Go Kids in Singapore.

If you want to know more about us, you can go to our website ( and like us on Facebook ( 

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