Monday, 17 February 2014

Why Ready Steady Go Kids for me?

by The Chief (Wee Lee)...

In today's post, I want to share why I did what I did. I quit my secure, stable MNC job. I left the security of a paycheck. All this to run a franchise for something I believed in, but wasn't sure if Singapore was ready for.

I was always into sport but never an accomplished athlete. I was decent and good in certain things. I even made it to school team for softball - a squad player. I continued playing sports in University and even had a "career" in it - one year as Sports Secretary in Hall 2, NTU. 

RJC Softball Team 1991

After graduating, I never veered far from sports, playing regularly as a weekend warrior at the football pitch. Even at work, I eventually joined a sports company (adidas) and spent 7 years there.

adidas and friends Football match 
at the old National Stadium

adidas office Run circa Xmas 2010

So, my path was never far from sport. That is truly one of my biggest passions in life.

My one other passion which has grown bigger than sports is my kids. Like every parent, I want my children to fulfil their potential and I want them to enjoy their childhood the way I enjoyed mine. Which is why I gently nudge them to do sport.

Imagine my surprise in 2011, when my eldest daughter was 5, and she could not catch a ball. Not catch a baseball with one hand. She could not catch a basketball with 2 hands and her arms.

This led me to looking for something that taught pre-schoolers fundamentals and help them improve motor skills. This also led me to research, read and understand that not all of this is natural talent. Quite a lot is something you learn and pick up just like you would any other skill.

So, long story short, I went looking and found something that combines both passions. I was actually doing relatively well at work, but felt this need to embark on this journey. And so in May 2012, I left my job and started the Ready Steady Go Kids franchise for Singapore.

My 2 older children in our Singapore
photo-shoot (the girl in the middle, 
and the boy with the ball)

Do I think this concept will work in Singapore? Most definitely. Is everyone in Singapore ready for this? Well, I do not know but I hope parents do see the importance of sport, motor skills, coordination and the hidden benefits of all these - build confidence and develop listening skills, and ultimately have a life-long love for an active lifestyle.

This is why I do what I do. 

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