Saturday, 6 December 2014

Healthy, happy children are active children

This article has been taken with permission from Ready Steady Go Kids Head Office in Australia - it first appeared on their website on 26th March 2012. Some parts might have been adjusted to make the content relevant to Singapore.

As a parent, is there really any greater joy than watching your mini-me racing around, healthy and active? As we watch we see them reach those exciting milestones, testing their bodies to the limit, developing confidence and growing strong. They’re clearly enjoying themselves; grinning from ear to ear. “Look Mum, see how fast I can run!” …“Hey Dad, look how far I kicked it this time!” The sheer joy and exhilaration is contagious.

Going all in for a BIG kick!

No TV program, Wii, Playstation or DS game can compete with how fantastic kids feel after a bout of physical activity. But sadly, too often, sitting in front of a screen wins out.

One news report after the next talks about how childhood obesity and other health problems related to inactivity are on the rise. Sure, we recognise there’s an issue, but are we doing anything to help? As parents it is up to us to do something about this. Our kids want to be active so let’s make the most of this and teach them good habits from the start.

It’s time for us to unite, drag our kids away from the screens and show them that physical activity is the best kind of fun you can have. With the right encouragement, they’ll catch on pretty quickly. And soon enough it won’t only be their button-pressing little fingers getting a workout; it’ll be their bodies and minds, and we bet they’ll be happier for it!

No matter whether you’ve been attending our classes for a while, or you’ve only just enrolled, you’ll know that organised exercise classes like Ready Steady Go Kids are a fantastic way for kids aged 2.5–6 years old to get involved in sport. You can contact us to find out more about registering for a trial lesson. Our multi-sport program develops basic motor skillsgood listening habits and self-esteem while teaching kids about teamwork in a supportive, non-competitive environment that kids enjoy.

Get sporty and learn the basics with us

But the best thing about the program by far, is that the kids have so much fun running, racing, bouncing, kicking and hanging out with their peers. And they’re tuckered out afterwards, which as any parent on the planet knows, is also a HUGE added bonus!

The fun they’re having is setting the foundation for a positive attitude towards sports and physical activity. Yep, exercise can be fun, and our participants are learning this early on. What’s more, children who participate in our classes are invariably more confident, social, coordinated, respectful and ready to learn by the time they get to school. Essentially, the skills they are taught during participation in organised sports are those pivotal life lessons. Giving children this head start in life is our goal, and we’re pretty sure that, at this stage, it’s yours too!

So, c’mon – get them out there and active doing what kids are designed to do. Together we can ensure that our generation of kids is the healthiest and happiest yet!

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