Monday, 8 June 2015

What I have learnt from coaching at Ready Steady Go Kids

by Teacher Z, a former part-time trainer who worked with us from January 2013 to June 2014

I never thought it would be that hard. When I did my interview and the initial training, I was thinking that these people (the boss and the full-time trainers) were a little too self-absorbed into thinking there was so much to teaching young kids some sports. I am an athlete, a floorball player for Uni and also ran track in my secondary school days. And I am GREAT with kids! No issue then. :) 

Imagine my horror when I first started my On-the-Job Training (OJT) and I felt totally inept. Things were moving so fast and all the things I learnt before went out of my head. Luckily, this was an OJT, so I had time to adapt and pick things up as a 3rd trainer.

Fast forward 6 months later, and I was running a Tuesday morning class every week - 6 classes of active kids back-to-back, 30 minutes per class. By then I had figured out how to manage the kids while teaching them sports and motor skills. I can't imagine having come to this stage without the patience and guidance of The Chief, Head Trainer and everyone in the company. This was by far the best part-time environment that I have ever worked at.

So looking back and thinking a bit out loud about what I have learnt during my time with RSGK Singapore, I must say these are the Top 3.

1) Kids have lots of energy! And we have to put in effort to keep up with them. Capture their imagination and engage their minds even while we are teaching them a physical activity / sport. But the reward from having them learn, improve and bond with you is worth all the extra sweat I worked up during my time.

2) Kids should play! And make mistakes, and learn, and practice and eventually have success. It sounds so simple but this was something I was taught and grew to understand during my 1.5 years with Ready Steady Go Kids. I even started doing a bit of reading on this and this is one that is quite interesting so I would like to share it:

3) That I really like kids and working with them! This is really a revelation on different levels for me. What I knew and thought I knew before was just the tip of the iceberg but getting to know more has helped me like them even more. Sure, there were kids who were difficult to deal with but seeing things from their perspective, it was more about them trying to learn and adapt and not about them being evil!

And so there it is... what did I learn from coaching at Ready Steady Go Kids? I learnt so much and have more to give now than before.

Thank you to RSGK Singapore for giving me the opportunity and for teaching me (all of you!).

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